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In a highly competitive and challenging Ready Mix industry, our shareholders have foreseen the need to have a new high-tech player to cater to the ever escalating market demand. Hence, Qatar Concrete Company (QCC) was formed as a blend of a world class international know-how with a supreme local expertise, creating an innovative hybrid concrete producer.

QCC is not meant only to be a conventional concrete producer, by joining the forces we are forming a giant player in the local and regional concrete industry with an expanded flexibility to all technical and logistical requirements.
Last but not the least, the Company’s partners are one of the most reputed organizations in the construction industry, enjoying the highest level of professionalism and corporate governance.

QCC is an innovative hybrid concrete producer, committed to the highest level of sustainability. Our dedication to high-tech is an integral part of our culture; hence, we set our primary mission to develop and promote the 'GREEN' concrete concept in an efficient and effective way in response to the globally increased environmental and economic efforts and to conform to the State of Qatar vision for ‘GREEN’ Building concept.

Our awareness of the up-coming mega developments in Qatar has mandated us to look at the best solutions to have the flexibility to accommodate our customers' requirements by establishing a full scale mobile batching plants to cater 'On Site Concrete' for large scale projects. By keeping pace with the special requirements of the construction site, we design and build optimized mixing equipment with harmonizing logistic concepts.

Our added-values do not stop at this point. Being part of our culture, we consider our customers as partners. Hence, we do not save any effort to contribute to the success of their projects. Our technical team is voluntarily available to assist in tailoring the concrete mix designs to optimize the project performance.

In a rapidly demanding industry for sustainability, we had the vision not to be only an audience and a consumer of technology, but we determined to be a major player in setting the motion for a new era of ‘GREEN’ buildings by investing on Research and Development to enhance our products and improve our productivity by maintaining the highest levels of sustainability.

The Doha 2022 World Cup event may not be left apart. With the enormous plan to rebuild the infrastructure of the whole country and to provide the required facilities to accommodate such event, the ready-mix industry role is obviously so vital in being the main catalyst to all the planned developments. Considering the involvement of the top international firms and companies in the development of the mega size projects to be executed within the coming Twelve years, which is assumed to range around the amount of Hundred Billion US Dollars, we could foresee the need of blending our local expertise with an international high-tech to enable us gaining a competitive advantage to place our company on the top rank of its industry.


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Our Quality Management

QCC is a member and certified by NRMCA (National Ready Mixed Concrete Association).


QCC has successfully been certified according to ISO Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO/ TS 29001:2007)